Lactation Services

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Danika Johnson is passionate about helping breastfeeding dyads successfully reach their personal goals. The special bond a mother and baby share is inexpressible and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Often, these precious moments are overshadowed by worries or concerns with breastfeeding. Danika’s can help to calm these feelings and offers support and guidance in this new transition. Being an IBCLC, Danika is able to provide care and counseling from conception through weaning.

Danika offers private consultations either in a client’s home or at Brookhaven’t comfortable office. She is available for prenatal consultations, as well as postpartum. A client can expect a visit to last for one to two hours.

She is able to consult through routine challenges such as improving baby’s latch, sore nipples, slow weight gain, mastitis/clogged milk ducts, supplementation, weaning, and more.

She is also able to consult in more high risk and complex cases such as breastfeeding multiples, tongue and lip ties, special needs babies, cleft lip and palates, torticollis, recessed jaw, breast surgeries/scar tissue, as well as many other challenges a mother may face.

Danika’s services are not at all limited to the challenges listed above, please reach out to discuss your personal situation in greater detail.

For information about our monthly Breastfeeding classes, please visit our classes page.