Introducing: Core Recovery Class

View More:“Michelle Tillery(-DuVal) graduated from JMU with a degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science & Leadership in the spring of 2010. She became certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as an Exercise Physiologist in the summer of that same year. In 2014 she opened her personal training business, Tillery Training.
Helping her clients achieve their goals has always been a passion of hers, including staying fit throughout pregnancy and recovering well from the experience. Michelle was aware of the myriad of misinformation about exercising while pregnant, but what shocked her was how universal the disregard for postpartum recovery appeared to be in mainstream medicine; 6 weeks of “take it easy” and then you’re cleared! No matter if you were fit beforehand, had a c-section or vaginal birth, tore, or suffered from more serious issues like diastasis recti. It seemed as though, as long as mom wasn’t actively hemorrhaging, no one cared about mom’s full recovery and what that meant for her long-term health and happiness.
After having a great birth experience at Brookhaven and giving birth to her son, Ashur, Michelle wanted to tackle this postpartum need head on. As a compliment to all of the prenatal classes available, she wanted to launch a postnatal class to help mommies everywhere learn safe and effective ways to recover from the beautiful, taxing experience of giving life. She is excited and honored to be able to offer her “Ooh Baby!” core recovery class to Brookhaven on Fridays at 6:15-7:15pm starting April 1, 2016! The class is definitely baby-friendly, though you’ll be responsible for your own munchkins.”
“Ooh Baby!” Core Recovery Class, Starting April 1
Friday 6:15-7:15
Brookhaven Birth Center Classroom
$10 per person.