Savannah’s Farewell

Savannah was with Brookhaven Women’s Health & Natural Birth Center for two years. We are incredibly proud to see her complete her apprenticeship, but sad that this means moving on from Brookhaven. Read Savannah’s thoughts below!


We all know times flies, but when you divide two years into pregnancies and trimesters, it seems like no time at all. It’s hard for me to realize how many families I met and learned from and how many of their births I was honored to attend in that time.

We all know, too, how privileged the families of the Shenandoah Valley are to be served by so many wonderful, skilled women. I came to Brookhaven after working with two amazing midwives for 5 years. Since then I have worked with 6 midwives in just two years, and I’m so grateful I could learn from each of them.

When I joined Brookhaven I’d been attending births professionally for 5 years, but still had countless skills to master. You all have been incredibly gracious, allowing me to exercise these skills to a point of confidence. I won’t claim to have mastered every one, but I leave knowing I can offer quality care to families of other areas, still waiting for enough midwives to go around.

I’m going to miss the Brookhaven team, from the office staff and midwives to the students and ultrasonographer. I’ll miss my morning commute through Shenandoah Valley loveliness, and gorgeous Brookhaven herself. And I’m going to miss all you wonderful families, many of whom are just now returning with new tiny little ones on the way. But I’m excited to make room for our new students, because new faces mean you’ll learn that much more from each other.

Thank you to each of you who helped me on this journey. Thank you for helping grow out-of-hospital midwifery and birthing choices for women everywhere. You are the dynamic force. You do the real work of changing maternity care.

See you at Brookhaven Labor Day Party #8!


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