Summer Baby List

We usually announce our babies in our monthly newsletters, but this summer has been so hectic for our practice that this time we’re announcing them here. These are the babies delivered by Brookhaven midwives during the months of May, June, and July.

We had a total of twenty-nine babies, eighteen of those were boys and eleven were girls. Below are their dates of birth, names, and weights.


Bryce Owen
7 lbs 7 oz
May 3
Rachel & Adam

Finnley Marie
8 lbs 3 oz
May 12
Emily & Patrick

Baby Girl
6 lbs 12 oz
May 15

May 16
Tiffany & Sam

Baby Boy
9lbs 3oz
May 16

Leia Isabelle
7 lbs 11oz
May 20
Yuliya & Andrey

7lbs 14oz
May 20
Samantha & Kyle

Blaise Andrew
8 lbs 14oz
May 24
Anna & Greg

Leah Tess
9 lbs 4 oz
May 26
Rachel & Keith

William Michael
5lbs 15oz
May 27
Lydia & Matthew

Ashton Todd
7lbs 2oz
May 28
Rose & Timothy


Berkley Adeline
6lbs 4oz
June 8
Olivia & CJ

Faraday Thomas*
June 11
Anita & David

7lbs 2oz
June 12
Christine & Gary

Corgan Reid
7lbs 9oz
June 13
Katie & Jared

James Neal
7lbs 13oz
June 17
Brooke & James

Benjamin Lincoln
7lbs 6oz
June 24
Nadia & Viktor

Baby Boy
8lbs 7oz
June 25

Asher Diener
6lbs 5oz
June 26
Sarah & Justin

Keturah Ruth
7lbs 7oz
June 27
Evelyn & Maurice

Gabriel Logan
8lbs 7oz
June 28
Brandi & Shelby

Alyssum Beth
6lbs 13oz
June 30
Maribeth & Laron


Kyry Benson George
July 3
Antoinette & James

Lylet Ada
7lbs 7oz
July 6
Elizabeth & Taylor

Benjamin David
July 11
Jamerrill & Travis

Seraphina Rosabelle
7lbs 8oz
July 25
Danielle & Raymond

Asher Leo
July 27
Stephanie & Brian

Lily Marie & Isaac Lance
July 27
Crystal & John

*read the birth story of Farraday here.