Va Midwives Lobby Day 2017

On February 2, 2017, members of the Brookhaven family will be heading to Richmond to join midwives and their supporters from around the state to build positive relationships with our state legislation. We will be meeting at Brookhaven that morning at 7am to caravan and carpool. We will have coffee, printed information and directions for everyone. If you are joining us, please let us know by emailing midwives@ or calling us at 540-437-9850.

The following is information from the VMA event page on Facebook, which you can also access here.

“This day has been planned by the Virginia Midwives Alliance to build relationships and increase awareness of issues effecting midwifery in Virginia with our legislators. We hope to have not only many midwives but also consumers and supporters of midwifery can attend.

We will meet for a briefing with our Lobbyist at 9:30 and will then spread out to meet our individual legislators. The day will end between 11:30-noon.

All are invited to join us for a potluck lunch and meeting following our time at the general assembly from 12-4pm. The location for lunch is 905 N. Sheppard St, Richmond 23221. It is the office of Three Sisters Midwifery”

We also recommend that anyone attending look at the following information.

Power Point on Successful Lobbying VMA leg day orientation 2017 draft 3

Parking Information VMA – Richmond Downtown Parking

Video on Advocacy

Video on Advocacy

Video on developing relationships with legislators.


Thank you! We hope to see you there!