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Brookhaven Women’s Health and Natural Birth Center is an inviting, home-like facility with two luxurious and cozy birthing suites available to our clients.  We provide midwifery care from conception to 6 weeks postpartum.  Our prenatal care visits are scheduled on a monthly basis until 28-30 weeks, every other week from 30-36 weeks, and weekly from 36 weeks until delivery.  Prenatal appointments occur at the birth center and each visit lasts one hour. This gives us plenty of time to get to know one another, and to educate our clients so that they are equipped with enough information to make informed decisions regarding their care, and to prepare for the upcoming birth and parenting.


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When labor commences our midwife will meet the laboring family at the center and begin the initial intake and set up for the birth.  Labor is allowed to progress on its own with the aid of our center’s amenities, such as deep immersion bubble massage tubs, birthing stools, and birth hammocks.  Families have access to a full kitchen and the laboring mother can walk freely around the center, get into any position she wishes, and invite whomever she wants to accompany her during this precious time.  Older siblings are welcome to view the birth if a family desires.  We do ask that an adult be present for younger children as mom and dad often have so much going on that they are unable to focus on entertaining a busy toddler!


Women have the option of birthing in water, standing, squatting, or in any position she finds comfortable.  Fathers have the option of assisting with the delivery if they desire although most are happy to let the midwife handle the catching.  The baby is immediately handed to the mother and the cord is left intact until it is done pulsating.  The baby remains in its mothers arms for the first hour or more and bonding is given priority over routine procedures.After the birth our midwife ensures that mom and baby are stable and comfortable.  We do so in  a respectful and non-invasive manner in order to facilitate bonding and breastfeeding.  After the baby has nursed and mom is ready for a snack we do a thorough newborn exam, including weight and measurements and newborn vitals.  We require mom and baby to stay at the birth center for a minimum of 2-3 hours postpartum.

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Once the family is home our midwife will do a home visit within 72 hours after the birth to check on mom and baby.  At this visit she monitors healing, assist with breastfeeding, weighs the baby, checks for jaundice, looks for signs of adequate intake and output, and takes a complete set of vitals on both mother and child.  She can also do the newborn metabolic screen at this time and answer any questions the family may have.  Brookhaven does not require our families to see a pediatrician as CPM’s are trained and licensed to provide newborn care up to six weeks.  We may recommend that a baby be seen if anything out of the normal arises.  Therefore we encourage families to interview and hire a pediatrician before the baby is born.  We maintain a list of friendly pediatricians and family doctors at the birth center.

We will make additional appointments if necessary during the first few weeks after your baby’s birth. Two weeks postpartum we have you come to the birth center for a check up in which the midwife continues to monitor the baby’s growth (we want baby back to birth weight by two weeks) and vitals as well as moms healing and vitals.

Your final appointment is between five and six weeks at the birth center.  At this visit we offer a PAP test and do a final check-up.  This visit is often emotional and joyful as we recall your child’s miraculous birthday and say our good-byes.